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Company Profile
Shenzhen PGST Co., Ltd (English abbreviation: PGST). Founded in 2006, it is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service; it is the earliest, largest and most powerful security high-tech enterprise in China ...
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3G/GSM/WIFI多网警报,支持APP远程布撤防.可与门磁,燃气探测器,声光警号,烟感,红外探测器,CO报警器等自由组成套装。 3G + WIFI dual-network alarm (PG-103) 3G / GSM / WIFI multi-network alarm, support APP remote deployment and disarm Wait for free to form a suit. Easy to install and suitable for many occasions.
本产品可选配多个无线探测器,具有抗干扰、防误报、防漏报等功能;该产品已经广泛应用于家庭、商铺、便利店、财务室,以及别墅、住宅小区等。 Acousto-optic alarm (PE-516) This product can be equipped with multiple wireless detectors, with anti-interference, anti-false alarm, anti-false alarm and other functions. This product has been widely used in homes, shops, convenience stores, finance rooms, As well as villas and residential quarters. The alarm should be installed as far as possible in the center of the guarding place to take into account the best reception of all wireless detectors. Note: Install the host as far away as possible from large metal objects or household appliances with high frequency interference, while avoiding shields such as reinforced concrete walls and fire doors.
50ppm:健康成年人在八小时内可以承受的最大浓度;200ppm:2-3小时后,轻微头痛;400ppm:1-2小时内前额痛:3小时后威胁生命;800ppm:45分钟后,眼花、恶心、痉挛:2小时后失去知觉;1600ppm:20分钟内头痛、眼花、恶心:1小时内死亡;3200ppm:5-10分钟内头痛、眼花、恶心:25-30分钟内死亡;6400ppm:1-2分钟内头痛、眼花、恶心:10-15分钟死亡;12800ppm:1-3分钟内死亡; Independent Carbon Monoxide Alarm Manufacturer (PA-003W) 50ppm: Maximum concentration that healthy adults can tolerate within eight hours; 200ppm: slight headache after 2-3 hours; 400ppm: forehead pain within 1-2 hours: threat after 3 hours Life; 800ppm: 45 minutes, dazzle, nausea, cramps: loss of consciousness after 2 hours; 1600ppm: headache, dazzle, nausea: death within 1 hour within 20 minutes; 3200ppm: headache, dazzle, nausea within 5-10 minutes: 25 Death within -30 minutes; 6400ppm: headache, dazzling, nausea within 1-2 minutes: death within 10-15 minutes; 12800ppm: death within 1-3 minutes;
本产品适用于天然气存在的场所,对由于气体泄漏发生的燃烧、爆炸、中毒等事故可以进行安全检测及报警。 Wired gas alarm (PA-209L) This product is suitable for places where natural gas exists. It can perform safety detection and alarm on accidents such as combustion, explosion, poisoning caused by gas leakage. The product has the characteristics of high sensitivity, high stability, full detection gas type, small size, and optional use of backup batteries.
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  • 产品:耐热玻璃水壶1200ml颜色:绿色/ 白色/ 紫色/ 粉色/ 蓝色尺寸:245×137×92mm材质:高硼硅玻璃+食品级硅胶产品特点:耐热高硼硅玻璃与食品级硅胶组合,呈现一款每家每户家居必备的日用水壶。 Heat-resistant glass water bottle product: 1200ml heat-resistant glass water bottle Color: green / white / purple / pink / blue Size: 245 × 137 × 92mm Material: high borosilicate glass + food grade silicone Product features: heat-resistant high borosilicate glass and The food-grade silicone combination presents a necessary daily water bottle for every household. The safest drinking water equipment, the kettle uses high borosilicate heat-resistant glass, acid resistance is a grade, alkali resistance is a grade, the expansion coefficient is low, and its instantaneous temperature difference can reach -20 ℃ -130 ℃. The lid is made of medical grade WACKER silica gel imported from Germany. It has no odor, is healthy and safe, and guarantees long-lasting softness and durability. The wall thickness is thickened to 2.8mm, and the net weight is up to 500 grams, which has higher impact strength and better heat resistance. After high temperature baking at 1200 ° C, it is artificially blown into shape. Each product is unique, with a large capacity of 1200ml, essential for home. The large-capacity kettle is filled with water 2 to 4 times a day to meet the family's needs for drinking water a day.
    - 10 - 30 2014-10-30
    88 ¥ 88 ¥ 88 ¥ 88
    选用布料: 韩国进口网布/意大利进口牛皮坐垫泡棉:座垫采用高弹性泡棉,一次性发泡成型机械扶手:4D扶手,可以升降,扶手面可以左右摆动座椅机构:意大利进口机构,进口倾仰机构,进口气压棒活动轮脚:高强度铝合金五星脚,抛光处理选用基材:高密度微粒板、纤维板,抗弯力强,不易变形基材选用进口中、高密度微粒板、纤维板,抗弯力强,不易变形油漆德国百德润,渗透性和附着力特强,与木材持久结合,与传统树脂类涂料不同的是木材可以自由呼吸,随气候变化得到调节可延缓变形,最大程度避免开裂。 Light and elegant red comfortable home computer chair selection of fabric: Korea imported mesh fabric / Italy imported leather seat cushion foam: seat cushion using high elastic foam, disposable foam molding mechanical armrest: 4D armrest, can be raised and lowered, the armrest surface can swing the seat left and right Institutions: Imported by Italy, Imported tilting mechanism, Imported pneumatic rods Casters: High-strength aluminum alloy five-star feet, polished substrates: high-density particle board, fiberboard, strong bending resistance, non-deformable substrate High-density particle board, fiberboard, strong bending resistance, non-deformation paint German Paterson, extremely strong permeability and adhesion, durable combination with wood, unlike traditional resin coatings, wood can breathe freely and change with the climate Adjusted to delay deformation and minimize cracking. Bubbles, slag spots, uniform color; German "Badrun" environmentally friendly polyester paint, 5 times topcoat, 3 times primer. Its performance is fire-resistant, stain-resistant, acid-resistant and abrasion-resistant processed by a fully automatic paint roller drying machine. The color is uniform, and no fading or whitening occurs. The surface of the product is flat and smooth without stains. , Cracking and deformation, flatness reaches ≤2mm optional parameter table color / material
    - 10 - 30 2014-10-30
    88 ¥ 77 ¥ 88 ¥ 77
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